Complex Medical Conditions

"The experience of Complex Medical Conditions such as cancer, injuries and illnesses are as damaging to the mind and soul as they are to the body"

As a mind body healer Dr Siän Dines is astutely aware of the need for emotional and psychological support throughout the experience of complex medical conditions.

Siän knows the trauma of physical conditions such as cancer and injuries  intimately, from the initial shock of diagnosis to illness adjustment. The stress of consulting with medical professionals, the pressure to commit to treatment, and the resulting loss of personal identity.  The ordeals are experienced by the patient, family and loved ones throughout the journey of cancer to facing the challenges of survival.

Grief, fear, depression, anxiety, confusion, pain, pressure to make decisions and sheer exhaustion are just some of the emotional dilemma's faced by patients experiencing complex physical health issues.

As a parent, Siän is also familiar with the impact of illness and injuries on the whole family, including changes in children's behaviours, parents guilt and loved ones helplessness and grief.

As a Journey practitioner, Siän has the resources to turn hopeless situations and the greatest sorrow into peace and acceptance.

The impact of chronic and complex medical conditions can affect the ability to carry out the activities of daily living or work, Dr Siän Dines has the Psychological skills, rehabilitation training and life experience to offer quality support in a time of need.

Siän is an innovative, caring, Clinical Psychologist who has invested significantly in her relational, educational, spiritual and emotional development.  With over 20 years of experience as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology working with medical specialists in hospitals and the community, Siän is well qualified to provide Psychological and Mind-Body healing services to her clients.

Dr Siän Dines : Supporting and encouraging clients with Compassion, Clarity and Wisdom


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