Journey Therapy, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Journey Therapy, with Dr Siän Dines

Dr Siän Dines, Clinical Psychologist, is an experienced Journey practitioner.  The Journey Method is a globally recognized, critically acclaimed healing and transformational process designed by Brandon Bays. The process works efficiently and effectively to awaken you to your unlimited potential, and empower you to achieve success in every area of your life. 

Research has shown that unresolved emotional issues play a major part in the majority of physical and mental health problems.  For healing to occur fully, the underlying emotional issue needs to be addressed and resolved.  The Journey Method, when facilitated by a trained professional, has the ability to assist clients to address unresolved issues, and experience mind body healing.

Gestalt Therapy and Neuro linguistic programming (NLP),  therapies used widely by Psychologists forms the basis of The Journey Method, Developed by Brandon Bays in the early 1990s in response to her own health challenges, The Journey Method has been shared by Brandon Bays and Practitioners for over 20 years, with great success.

People from all over the world claim to have experienced tremendous physical and emotional healing as a result of The Journey.  Journey Practitioners like Dr Sian Dines, continue to develop and refine The Journey Method to meet individual circumstances.  

What is Journey Therapy ?

Journey Therapy consists of a sensitive guided process that enables the individual to uncover and access stored emotions and memories.  These unresolved memories may have been in response to trauma or other painful experiences in one's life.  It is believed that these memories are stored in the body's cells and can cause illness, pain, and serious health conditions.

During therapy, you will work together with Dr Dines to identify and understand how the accessed memories relate to experiences in your current life. Anxiety and Depression symptoms and other mental health issues affecting your capacity to work, socialise or complete your activities of daily living, may be connected to these stored memories and the  associated emotions.   The purpose of The Journey Method is to enable you to resolve unfinished business and finally release these emotions through greater understanding and forgiveness.  This emotional liberation facilitates physical and mental healing and allows you to experience positive changes in all areas of your life.

The aim of participation in Journey Therapy is to find peace and clarity, and experience opening into your “source”, the essence of who you are, to gain greater insight, understanding and wisdom.  This therapy enables you to release the burdens of the past and to break free from the limitations that have been holding you back.  Journey Therapy provides a way for you to progress towards reaching your full potential in life, love and relationships by overcoming emotional barriers that may have previously blocked your way.

What to Expect during a Journey Therapy session with Dr Dines ?

During your session, Dr Dines will act as your guide, in a quiet and comfortable room. As the emotions and memories you tap into can be quite intense, the atmosphere of trust, love and safety provided by Dr Dines are important to the success of therapy.

As you journey through your life and experiences during your therapy session, you’ll be searching for specific memories and emotional blocks from your past that are creating problems and obstacles in your life today.

Health isn’t the only aspect of your life that these memories can adversely impact.  Relationships with others, your financial health and ability to manage money, your career path and work satisfaction, your ability to set and achieve goals, and even your creative capacity and all  endeavours may be impacted. Difficulties or challenges in any of these aspects of your life are often based in the unresolved emotions you’ll uncover in the process.

The Journey Therapy process is designed to reveal the specific, stored memory that’s at the root of psychological issues.  Once it’s uncovered, you are now able to resolve and complete the emotions associated with that memory. Emotions you’ve been holding onto, perhaps since childhood, at an unconscious level are safely released and resolved in a supportive environment.

Healing, both physically and emotionally occurs at the cellular level, the impact of this therapy is often profound.

 For many people, complete release of the emotional blocks they’d been experiencing occurs.  

Dr Dines has been using Journey Therapy successfully in her practice and personal life for over 15 years.

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